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Pro-life Speaker Sydna Masse

Sydna Massé, a renowned pro-life speaker, has dedicated over three decades to passionately advocating for the pro-life movement. Her journey began in 1991, and since then, her deep commitment to pregnancy centers has been a driving force behind the significant advancements in pro-life efforts. As a speaker, Sydna has a unique ability to weave heartfelt stories with compelling delivery, inspiring and rallying support for crucial pro-life initiatives and pregnancy centers across the nation.

With her exceptional storytelling and empathetic engagement, Sydna Massé has been instrumental in generating millions in support, directly benefiting pregnancy centers that provide critical assistance to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Sydna’s role as a pro-life speaker has been key in ensuring they receive the funding and support necessary to continue their vital work.

Through her powerful testimony and as a leading pro-life speaker, Sydna Massé encourages supporting the essential services provided by pregnancy centers. Her work not only inspires but also mobilizes resources that help sustain the invaluable support these centers offer to women during challenging moments in their lives.

Pro-Life Speaker Sydna Massé 

A Leading Pro-Life Speaker with a Heart for Empathy and Faith

In the realm of pro-life advocacy, Sydna Massé stands out as a prominent pro-life speaker, renowned for her faith-driven and empathetic approach. Her presentations, deeply rooted in divine inspiration, offer a unique and profound perspective, making her a powerful voice in the pro-life movement. Through her ability to share personal experiences in a manner that’s both sensitive and non-graphic, Sydna fosters a deeper level of empathy and challenges prevailing narratives in the abortion debate, enlightening audiences with her compassionate insight.

Empowering Narratives and Solidarity through Support

Sydna Massé, as a pro-life speaker, emphasizes the pivotal role of pregnancy centers in providing indispensable support during unplanned pregnancies. By weaving personal anecdotes into her speeches, she highlights the critical importance of these centers in offering guidance and viable options, advocating for their sustained support as crucial pillars within the community.

Beyond a Pro-life Speaker: Authorship and Advocacy

As an esteemed author and pro-life advocate, Sydna extends her influence beyond public speaking. Her work, including “Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual & Emotional Peace After Abortion,” serves as an essential resource for those seeking healing after abortion, offering a blend of spiritual guidance and emotional support. Through her literature, including the “Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery Guide” and the “Journey in Ramah” devotional, she broadens the reach of her advocacy, providing tools for recovery and healing.

Leading with Purpose: Education and Advocacy

As a sought-after pro-life speaker at pregnancy center banquets, Sydna Massé shares her moving testimony and educates audiences about the impacts of abortion, emphasizing the critical mission of pregnancy centers. Her leadership as the CEO of Ramah International underlines her deep commitment to abortion recovery and the advocacy for pregnancy centers, marking her as a pivotal figure in the pro-life cause.

Sydna Speaking

Pro-life Speaker Reviews

Lori Gregg, Marketing Director


I am writing to recommend Sydna Masse, CEO and Founder of Ramah International, Inc. as a speaker for your event.  In February of 2021 we held our annual Celebration of Life banquet, and we chose her as our Keynote speaker.  We were incredibly pleased with the choice and I know you will be too.

Sydna was wonderful and her story is very captivating.   She shared about her experience of abortion as a post-abortive Christian woman and the redemptive power of the Lord.  She was able to articulate exactly her experience in the abortion clinic that you almost felt like you were there with her.  I feel this is a must to be knowledgeable of what really goes on in abortion clinics and for people to fully engage in the fight for life.

In addition to her time speaking, she made a point to speak to our Board of Directors and to gain insight into our center and what our specific needs were.  She is easy to talk to and very genuine.

Again, I would like to recommend Sydna as a speaker for your event.  I know you will be pleased!!

Lori Gregg, Marketing Director
Pregnancy Center of Marianna
Marianna, FL

Rita Willoughby, Executive Director


This year’s banquet marked our 19th annual banquet. We had countless attendees’ comment “This was your best banquet ever”. Sydna’s presentation was perfect for this year’s Banquet crowd. She was very articulate, spoke with great authority and clearly unpacked the journey and pain of abortion. Sydna’s story of her journey in the pregnancy center ministry was powerful. She presented abortion statistics that our banquet attendees were shocked to hear—yet they said they needed to hear! We would wholeheartedly recommend Sydna Masse as your guest banquet speaker. Not only did Sydna present a powerful message for life, she also wove a great financial appeal throughout her message! Please consider Sydna as your next banquet speaker.

Rita Willoughby, Executive Director
Pregnancy Resource Center
Lawton, OK

Pam Burkholder Executive Director


It was an incredible blessing to have Sydna as our banquet speaker this year. She shares her testimony with grace and humility, spotlighting the redemptive work of Christ.
Sydna did an amazingjob and I am happy to say I have heard only positive comments from banquet attendees and Board members alike! Many attending our banquet said they hadn’t really understood the work we do or the impact we can have in the lives of our clients -Sydna opened their eyes. Our banquet was a huge success, surpassing our financial goal by $4,000!

Pam Burkholder Executive Director
Expectations Women’s Center
Lewisburg, PA

Her Choice to Heal

Pregnancy Care Center Keynote Speaker Sydna Masse

Sydna is the author of many resources used by pregnancy centers including the book Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion which is designed to help women find a way to God’s healing after making the devastating choice of abortion.

Sydna includes testimonies of strength, healing and hope. Her Choice to Heal is used with abortion recovery programs worldwide. Sydna will bring copies of her book to events with all proceeds going to your pregnancy center.

Sydna’s Ministry

Pro-life Abortion Banquet Speaker


Directly assist those hurting from PAS through communication, resources and local referrals, Raise the level of awareness about PAS and the needs of individuals who have experienced abortion; Provide PAS resources, research and training programs necessary to mobilize and equip “the church” to reach out and help those affected by abortion so that post abortive individuals can become involved in helping others who are considering or have experienced abortion.

Abortion Recovery Program

Her Choice to Heal
Free Abortion Recovery Website!

Abortion impacts hearts at an emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical level. Her Choice to Heal’s free online abortion recovery course offers nine detailed modules that provide understanding of abortion’s impact. These specific healing strategies can begin the healing process. If you have experienced abortion, you are stronger than you realize. Begin your journey to healing today!

Abortion Recovery Blog

Sydna Blogs!
Over 200 On Topic Blogs

Abortion recovery blog. Abortion impacts hearts at an emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical level. Her Choice to Heal’s free online abortion recovery course offers nine detailed modules that provide understanding of abortion’s impact. These specific healing strategies can begin the healing process. If you have experienced abortion, you are stronger than you realize. Begin your journey to healing today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the role of a pro-life speaker?

Answer: The role of a pro-life speaker is to provide a compelling and central presentation at pregnancy center events focused on pro-life topics. They are tasked with inspiring, educating, and mobilizing the audience around pro-life values, drawing from personal experiences to make a powerful impact.

Question: What are the benefits of pro-life speakers?

Answer: Pro-life speakers can educate and inspire the audience, raise awareness about pro-life issues, and encourage donations. They bring attention to the moral, ethical, and social dimensions of pro-life issues, helping to foster a deeper understanding and commitment among attendees.

Question: How long should a pro-life speaker speak?

Answer: The length of a pro-life speech can vary, but it typically ranges from 20 to 60 minutes. The duration depends on the event’s format and the speaker’s ability to engage the audience. It’s crucial to balance depth of content with the audience’s attention span to ensure the message is conveyed effectively. Here are some samples of Sydna speaking at several pregnancy center events. Click Here

Question: What is the goal of the keynote speech?

Answer: The goal of the keynote speech is to set the tone for the event and provide a powerful, unifying message that resonates with the audience. For pregnancy center events, the aim is to articulate a compelling vision for the pregnancy center and motivate individuals to action.

Question: Who makes a good pro-life speaker?

Answer: A good pro-life speaker possesses deep knowledge of pro-life issues, excellent speaking skills, and the ability to connect with the audience emotionally and intellectually.

Question: How do I identify a pro-life speaker?

Answer: Identify a pro-life speaker by researching individuals with a strong background in pro-life advocacy, public speaking experience, and the ability to engage and inspire an audience. Look for speakers who have contributed to the pro-life movement through writing, or leadership roles in pro-life organizations.

Question: What is the difference between pro-life speaker and public speaker?

Answer: A pro-life speaker is specifically chosen to deliver the main address at pro-life events, with a focus on topics related to the pro-life movement. In contrast, a public speaker may cover a wide range of topics across various platforms and events. The key distinction lies in the keynote speaker’s role in setting the tone and delivering a message that aligns with the pregnancy center’s core theme.

Question: Why is it called keynote speaker?

Answer: It’s called a keynote speaker because this person delivers the “keynote” address, which establishes the main underlying theme of the conference or event. 

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